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What are Good Goods

Maffrey's was founded by two guys who wanted to make the world a better place.  After traveling and finding unusual items with great stories that brought good to the world, they decided to share it with others by bringing it all together in one place - Maffrey's.

As proprietors of Good Goods, they determined that many things can make something good.  Good Goods may improve life on the planet, by utilizing recycled materials.  It might revive the planet by planting a tree.  Good Goods might assist impoverished people.  Or simply make you smile. 

Additionally, Maffrey's is the place to find your Ivanhoe Village destination goods!  From t-shirts to pint glasses - we have just the right gift to make you feel at home. 

Come check it out and show you''re proud to be one of the Village People!


Good means many things to people.  What is good 2 you?


Our curated selection of Good Goods is special in so many ways.  Take a look at just a few of those that make a special mark on our hearts.

Created to promote positive messages, 'be line.' is a product that cuts to the chase.  By simply stating the obvious on t-shirts and home decor, 'be line.' asks you to simply be.  Positive messages are as simple as the cornerstone - be good. but are as broad as some of the seasonal classics - be hoppy. and be free.

Always evolving this keystone product developed by Maffrey's is our call to the world to be good.

be line.


New Hours

In response to the current pandemic we will be following these important new guidelines:

     - Cash will not be accepted, electronic payments only.  

     - Face masks must be worn inside the store.

     - Only 6 people in the shop at one time (it’s super tiny in here).

     - Hand sanitizer will be available.


Wednesday - Sunday 10:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.

Monday - Tuesday  Closed

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1809 N. Orange Ave.
Orlando, FL  32804


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be good.
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